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What requirements should your lawyer have to be the best lawyer for your divorce?

When it comes to finding the best lawyer to take your divorce, you must have clear the two most common denominations of law firms that exist. On the one hand there are the generalist offices, and on the other the specialized ones. Before knowing which one to go to, it is convenient that you know at least what each one is going with.


The generalist offices are those that are prepared for any type of issues. The same lawyer can address a legal procedure for divorce and custody in abu dhabi, the next day a theft in a store, and in the afternoon an unfair dismissal.


What are the requirements to successfully complete a divorce process?




Choosing one or the other is not a prerequisite for success, but there is no doubt that the advice that a lawyer specializing in family law and divorce will be able to take your case in a much clearer, specialized way. And if you have also lived the path of divorce in your own flesh, you are guaranteed that you will understand what you are going through; it is not the same to speak from the theory than from the experience itself.


Surely you appreciate a specific attention and specialist in cases like the one you face, especially when it comes to something as delicate as a divorce.


Yes, it is a requirement that the divorce lawyers in abu dhabi be accessible to your budget. Check in advance the rates that each one has, and get in touch with the one within your reach. Although the price factor should not be a limitation, if the value of your services seems expensive, perhaps you should ask yourself, how much is it worth to you to be with your children?


Regardless of your rates, be sure to find a lawyer who demonstrates values, harmony and order in your work. An office in which all its components go in the same direction, which seek above all the benefit of minors above all, and respect the Deontological Code of Law is the best option to achieve success.


How is a divorce?


  • Separation or Divorce by mutual agreement: The Law of Voluntary Jurisdiction introduces a new form of processing of separation / divorce although reserved for requests of mutual agreement between the parties, and provided that there are no minor children not emancipated or with the judicially modified capacity that depend on their parents
  • By law: This procedure is quick, simple and economical. It is about filing a lawsuit and the regulatory agreement for its subsequent ratification in the Court of the last family home. It involves a reduction in costs by allowing both spouses to act represented by the same attorney and defended by a single lawyer.


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